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Posted on Jan 10, 2013
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Finale Info


The series finale will be a four head average with three full go-rounds, and a short round. The top 10% teams in each of the rotations will advance to the short round. In addition to those forty teams, the fastest FOUR teams who miss the cut will also advance. Every team who makes the short round will be guaranteed a check. The short round will determine which check each team receives.


               At the end of every rotation you and your partner will progress based on one of three scenarios. 1) You roped well enough to be one of the 44 teams who advance to the four steer short round, 2) You and your partner roped all three steers but missed the cut, 3) You have two steers down and will advance to the Consolation. The teams who miss two or more steers are the only teams who are out of  the roping at this point. Item #1 is pretty self explanatory, but item #2 and #3 will combine and rope in the consolation. In the consolation, we take the fastest 125 teams to the consolation, from item #2 and #3. We analyze all the teams who roped three steers but missed the cut in the four-steer average. The slowest time of their three steers is eliminated to isolate their two best times. Merging into this 125 team consolation cut will be all the teams who caught two but missed just one steer. These top 125 teams from the two groups will start the consolation round with two times, they will ALL rope a third steer, potentially progressing to a fourth short round steer. The top 40 teams who catch three in the consolation will progress to the short round. This one extra steer in the consolation shakes things up a bunch. This truly is a second roping within the main roping. In the short round of the four-steer consolation we will pay 20 average positions.


A fast time check is paid in each rotation. Only teams who are not advancing to the short round are eligible for fast time rotation checks. Because all 44 teams progressing to the average are guaranteed a check, there is no fast time paid in the short round. There will be 3 fast times paid in the third round of the consolation and a fast time in the short round of the Consolation. 


There are several ways to “ENTER” the World Series of Team Roping Finale. Ropers may qualify at a qualification roping, by winning $5,000 as a team and entering within 30 days of their win. Legacy ropers are the grandfathered-in ropers who directly entered the first year of World Series of Team Roping (2006). Legacy ropers have priority, these priority entries end on May 31.  If there are direct entry positions left they are awarded on a first come basis. Direct entries are members who directly mail in an entry to replace qualified and Legacy teams who fail to fully complete their entry, (TBA or one side unpaid) or to replace draw out teams. These entries are date stamped as they arrive, and replace teams based on the priority of that date stamp. WSTR Members, USTRC members, CTRA members entering with legacies or as a direct entry MUST HAVE COMPETED AT A QUALIFIER sometime during the roping season or at the prior Finale.

Accumulated Earnings ENTRIES– Are entries from earnings a roper acquires as a result of placing at qualification ropings. Earnings are tabulated by request only and ropers may be asked to provide proof of winnings in some instances. Here are the requirements pertaining to accumulated earnings;

  1. To be eligible for accumulated earnings the roper must be a World Series Member in good standing.
  2. Accumulated earnings must be at least $5,000 for a TEAM to receive a Finale qualification. These earnings may come from either partner or any combination of  both partners as long as it equals at least $5,000. Both partners on an accumulated earnings entry must by WSTR members and have attended at least one qualification event during the year.
  3. Accumulated earnings from specials fees ropings and the Finales WILL NOT apply.
  4. Accumulated earnings for a current season will start from the point that a membership is received at the WSTR office and not the roping where a roper joins.   The roping season for counting accumulated earnings ends on September 1st each year. Finale entries from accumulated earnings must be received by September 15th.
  5. Accumulated earnings will not carry from season to season.
  6. Accumulated earnings are generic and may be used in any division that is not full. If a Finale entry from accumulated earnings is submitted on a division that is full, that entry moves to top priority on the waiting list.



Books open for Legacy teams immediately following the December Finale in Vegas and close on May 30th each year. Other direct entries are accepted following the December Finale and are date stamped.  Books open for general public on June 1st (FIRST COME BASIS) regardless of Legacy status. The roping is closed when allocations are full, or October 15th, whichever comes first. Allocation for Legacy entries and other direct entries is 150 teams per division. All scheduled qualifiers will be honored. All partial paid entries and incomplete entries must be completed by October 15th.


Ropings that fill to the maximum will be paid as follows: A minimum of 30 paid average positions will be paid in the four head aggregate. A minimum of 20 paid positions will be paid in the 4 head consolation. One fast time will be paid in each rotation for teams not advancing to the short round.

DRAW OUTS - There is NO draw out fee.

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