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Posted on Dec 28, 2012



1.  Arena Clear

2.  Arena Control

3.  Barrier Eye/Timer Malfunction

4.  Calling for a Steer

5.  Cattle removed from the Draw

6.  Classification Caps

7.  Classification Changes

8.  Crossfire

9.  Dress Code

10. Dropped Rope

11. Heeler ropes front foot

12. Header ropes any leg

13. Legal Catches

14. Membership

15. Minimum Age

16. Photography/Video Release

17. Problem Horses

18. Pulling up

19. Questioning the Flagger

20. Questioned Catch

21. Reruns

22. Resistol Hat Rule

23. Resistol Hat Rule for Women

24. Right to Drawout/Refuse Service

25. Roping Out of Order

26. Short Rounds

27. Sportsmanship

28. Tie On Rules

29. Time is Requested

30. Up and Back Entries

31. Video Prohibited

32. WSTR Barrier

1. Arena Clear - Calling for a steer before the arena is clear resulting in an interference by a steer or team still in the arena, is not considered an interference requiring a rerun.

2. Arena Control - The field flagger has an obligation to control the domain within the boundaries of the arena.

3. Barrier Eye/TIMER Malfunction - Should a barrier eye/timer malfunction during the natural course of a competition either for the roper or against the roper, the field judge may offer the option of awarding a rerun or removing the barrier penalty. (The steer need not be qualified on to receive a rerun.) However, there shall be no question or disagreement that this situation occurred.

4. calling for A Steer - Steer belongs to the ropers when called for by the header. Except for mechanical failure the team accepts the situation “as is” regardless of what happens.

5. Cattle Removed from the Draw – We reserve the right to withdraw any steer from the herd at any time. Reruns will be awarded by the flagger based on the criteria of  “opportunity to compete” as described in our rerun policy below and not automatically as a result of a steer removed from the herd. Cattle sort occurs throughout all ropings, and may merely indicate a speed sort.

6. CLASSIFICATION caps - The #9 Division is capped at #5 Elite for heelers, #10 Division is capped at a #6 for heelers, and the #11 Division is capped at a #6 Elite for heelers.There is no number cap for headers.

7. Classification Changes - We reserve the right to change classifications or draw out teams we believe are numbered incorrectly. In most instances, a classification change during the year will result in the team moving to a higher division. Teams who have classification increases will be asked to move up to the next division, but if they cannot they will be afforded the opportunity to split with and pick up new partners.

8. Cross Fire will not be permitted. Animals must be in tow before the heel rope is released.

9. Dress Code- Finale  - Cowboy attire is required at The Grand Finale in Las Vegas, and Heartland Finales.  Cowboy attire is NOT required at qualification ropings. Cowboy attire is defined as shirts with a sewn on collar, full buttoned front styling, with long sleeves (sleeveless shirts not permitted) and cowboy boots or approved laced cowboy shoes with a heel.  Ladies Attire does not require sewn collars or full sleeves, but should be in good taste. Hat or no hat. Qualification Ropings - shirts must have a collar and at least two buttons for men. The collar rule does not apply to ladies, but attire should be in good taste.

10. Dropped Rope - A dropped rope that must be recoiled is considered a thrown rope.

11. Heeler Ropes Front Foot - If the front foot or feet come out of the heel loop prior to the header calling for time, the time will be counted. Judge will not allow any extra time for a front leg to come free.

12. Header Ropes Any Leg - automatic no time.

13. Legal Catches - There are only three legal head catches: 1) Around both horns; 2) Half a head; 3) Around the neck. If hondo passes over one horn and the loop over the other, catch is illegal. If a loop crosses itself in a head catch, it is illegal. This does not include heel catches. Any heel catch behind both shoulders is legal if rope goes up heels. All bridle catches are considered illegal.

14. MEMBERSHIP - Participation in a WSTR event requires being a member of WSTR or USTRC to collect winnings. A roper must have in their possession and be able to present a current WSTR or USTRC membership card when asked, or shall have submitted a First-Time Membership or Renewal Membership application, including appropriate fees, to the WSTR Office in Albuquerque or the roping producer, prior to the event or division he or she is entering. Ropers will be permitted to purchase their First-Time or Renewal Memberships anytime during the year. Memberships can be purchased at event offices by phone at the WSTR office or on-line at WSTroping.com.

Participation in a WSTR event by a roper who does not have a current WSTR or USTRC membership card or has not submitted a First-Time Membership or Renewal Membership application as specified, will result in disqualification of the roper and the roper's teammate. The member of a disqualified team, who has a current membership, shall be entitled to receive a refund of his or her entry fees. The disqualified roper that is not current shall not receive a refund of entry fees and neither member of a disqualified team is eligible for any prize or prize money. The non-current member is disqualified and therefore forfeits entry fees, prizes and prize money.

By entering a WSTR event, the roper is representing that he or she is in compliance with the membership requirements. Acceptance of an entry at an event by WSTR or its producers shall not constitute a waiver of the requirement set forth in this rule. Membership fees will not be refunded as a result of classification or rule disagreements.

15. minimum age – Contestants must be 21 years of age to enter WSTR ropings. Birthdays that occur anytime during the membership year are valid on January 1st of the roping season.

16. Photography and Video Release - By payment of membership in or entry into a USTRC affiliate or sanctioned event, ropers grant permission to the rights of their image, likeness and sound of their voices as recorded on audio or video tape without payment or any other consideration. These images may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and ropers waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein their likenesses appears. Additionally, ropers waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of my image or recording. Material may be used for diverse promotional and educational purposes within an unrestricted geographical area.

17. Problem Horses/3 strike notice - If a roper has had the opportunity to enter the box and can neither get his horse in the box, nor bring his horse under control while in the box, and in the opinion of the flagger this situation has become excessive a 3 strike notice will be given and if the roper does not call for the steer on the 3rd attempt the flagger has the option of calling for the steer and declaring a no time on the run. Should this occur on the first steer, the team will receive their entry fees back. If this occurs on the second or third steer, the team may receive their fees back, only if they qualified the previous steer or steers. The refund rule is not valid for any short round.

18. Pulling Up - If the contestant is visibly fouled (example gate opened without nod) or he can visibly see that he is, or will be fouled, he must PULL UP or attempt to pull up and not try to go on with the contest. If he does not declare, he accepts the situation the way it is.

19. Questioning a Flaggers Call - A contestant may request a flagger to explain what a call was, however, this explanation is not a debate and the roper should immediately exit the arena after the explanation. Any question concerning the validity of the call should be addressed directly to the contractor/producer immediately. The decision of the field judge is NOT final, the event contractor or WSTRC official has the right to override a call they strongly believe is incorrect.

20. Questioned Catch - Any questioned catches will be decided by the judges. If a field judge tells the header to hold the steer so the flagger may inspect the head catch, and the header does not do so, the team may receive a no-time.

21. Reruns - Reruns will be determined by the Flagger and will offered WITHOUT a request from the roper.  If a flagger does not award a rerun on a steer that a team feels did not afford them the opportunity to compete, the team should not discuss this situation with the flagger or request a rerun, but instead should present their argument to the roping producer. Reruns will be awarded on unropeable cattle only. Unropeable further defined, means a steer that prevents a team from having the ability to compete. If flaggers find themselves in a 50-50 situation on making an ability to compete decision, they are instructed that the tie goes to the roper. Ability to compete will be the decision of the flagger, but clearly will NOT be the steer that merely slows down as ropers approach, steers that run to the left fence, steers that are heavy, step out of the corner, trot instead of hop, and a host of other reasons that some ropers seem to think should afford them a rerun. “Ability to compete” decisions will not be considered when it appears the contestant causes the problem (head horse doesn’t rate and sets up the steer, heeler turns in at the head and causes the steer to drag, etc). “Ability to compete” decision might involve a steer that outruns a team to the back of the arena, provided the flagger believes they got out of the box properly. Otherwise, drawing between the bottom and top of the herd is still a variable of the sport. SHORT ROUND RERUNS - Reruns in the short round should be very, very rare. Flaggers are reminded that short rounds should be held to a much stricter judgment.  This is not a 50-50 situation, there should be ABSOLUTELY NO-DOUBT to the flagger or anyone watching, that a team did NOT have a fair ability to compete then and only then should a rerun be awarded.

22. RESISTOL Hat Rule - Ropers must wear a cowboy hat or no hat at all at WSTR qualification events and the Finales. Caps will not be permitted. Contractors at qualification ropings may wave the hat rule during inclement weather (excessive wind, rain, etc).

23. Resistol Hat RUle for ladies – Ladies must wear a cowboy hat or no hat at the Las Vegas Finale and the Heartland Finale. At qualification ropings ladies are permitted to wear style caps, and event caps, but are not permitted to wear corporate caps.

24. Right to Draw Teams Out - Refuse Service - WSTR is a private company and even among qualification teams we reserve the right to change any classification that we believe threatens the integrity of this event. We reserve the right to refuse service or draw out any team for inappropriate conduct, conflicts with management, classification dispute and /or any other reason that cannot be settled prior to the event.

25. Roping out of order - or missing a short round constitutes immediate disqualification.

26. Short Rounds at qualifiers will be slow to fast to include everyone who has successfully roped 3 steers. However, qualification contractors have the option to cap the short round at 20 teams, if announced in advance.

27. Sportsmanship – We reserve the right to disqualify any roper who does not act in a sportsmanlike, reasonable, or professional manner. Disqualified ropers forfeit all fees.

28. Tie On RULES:  Age for men will be 60 years old. We reserve the right to deny the use of tie-on or reclassify tie-on ropers at any time where we believe the tie-on gives a clear advantage. We reserve the right to refuse or revoke tie-on between qualification and Finale.  Female heelers may tie on with no age restrictions. Birthdays that occur anytime during the membership year are valid on January 1st of the roping season.

29. Time is requested when the header faces. Time will be taken when the steer is roped, secure between both partners, both horses are facing the steer with ropes dallied and tight. Horses front feet must be on the ground and ropers must be mounted when time is taken. Steer must be standing up when roped by head or heels. Time is taken when flag is dropped, however, that time is not official until the flagger gives an indication to the timer or secretary. Flagger may flag a team out after time is taken on a run, based on an illegal head catch or illegal heel catch, steer was not secure or any other factor that was not clear when time was taken.

30. up and back entries will not be allowed at the Finales. Up and back will be permitted at qualification ropings.

31. Video Prohibited – videos of team roping for personal use are permitted at WSTR ropings, however, in any event where commercial video services or live internet is offered, public internet posting, sales, or distribution of WSTR images are strictly prohibited. Public postings of Finale ropings are prohibited

32. WSTR Barrier will be required at all WSTR events, unless announced in pre-roping advertisements.


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