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Posted on Feb 2, 2017

2017 Heartlands Announced

The # 9 Heartland completed on January 21st in Hamilton, TX. Despite plenty of competition in the area, the first Heartland kicked the season off with a nice $114,400 payoff.  Last Season was historical with the seven Heartland Finales paying out over $1 MILLION. Dates for the remaining 2017 Heartland Finales have been announced and are listed below.

Single division Heartlands are highlighted with regularly scheduled qualifiers across a nine month period. WSTR started spreading these divisions out several years ago to limit the financial exposure of ropers participating. In addition the sanctioned ropings offer the lesser priced qualification divisions for ropers that do not want to participate. As in the past these ropings are centralized in Texas to give ropers from multiple states a shot at them. These ropings have are placed with qualifiers where multiple arenas are available.  

In addition to the big money, every team placing in the average or consolation of each division qualifies for the WSTR Finale in Las Vegas.   If you are one of those ropers that spotlights some of best events each season, we hope you will join us for a Heartland roping this season. 

#15 Thursday February 16th  Stephenville, X
#10 Saturday March 11th  Hamilton, TX
#13 Friday April 28th  Hamilton, TX
#12 Friday June 9th  Graham, TX
#11 Saturday July 22nd  Stephenville, TX
#8 Monday September 4th  Hamilton, TX

Additional #9 September 30th Stephenville, TX

Countdown to Finale XI